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Member of the Year

The "Member of the Year" award is designed to recognize the CREW Cleveland member who has made exceptional contributions to CREW Cleveland in terms of time and service and has made outstanding achievements in the local real estate community during the current calendar year.

Past Member of the Year Award Winners

2021 Callie Cripps
2020 Judy Mondry
2019 Amy Whitacre and Laura Hengle
2018 Mary Gerding
2017 Liz Dunlap
2016 Jennie Church
2015 Lori Crow & Donna Sakony
2014 Diana Golob
2013 Cecilia Hyun
2012 Laura Hengle
2011 Diane Davies
2010 None Given
2009 Gail Bisesi
2008 Lori Pittman
2007 Tracy Ols & Laura Hengle
2006 Suzanne Hamilton, Debora Lasch, Cheri Henson & Amy Whitacre
2005 Cheri Henson
2004 Vicki Tansler
2003 Suzanne Hamilton
2002 Nancy Kornuta
2001 Karin Schulz
2000 Marcia Wittenbrook
1999 None Give
1998 Emily Ingalls
1997 Benita Nowak